ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Hand Operated Batch Printing Machine

Hand Operated Batch Printing Machine manufacturer high-quality equipment for printing on labels, Pouches etc. Also, we are manufacturer, exporter, and, supplier of Rotogravure Printing Machine for widest printing industries. With rich industry experience and knowledge, we are providing an excellent quality range of Hand Operated Batch Printing Machine.

Hand Operated and Semi Automatic Batch Printing/Coding Machines are working on the same principal of tradle machine conventionally used by all the printers. In both the machines the matter is to be composed in type block with type letters. Ink to be fed on the Aluminum Roller. On each stroke of the machine the composed type letters are inked by moving Rubber Roller. Label/Carton/Bag fed on plate is getting positive impression by inked type letters.

While in Hand Operated Batch Printing/Coding Machine in addition of feeding and discharging the Labels/Cartons/Bags by hand, the stroke of the machine is also operated by hand.

Technical Specification

Hand Operated Batch Printing Machine

Models :
HOP-60-Printing Area:- 50mm. x 65mm.
HOP-90-Printing Area:- 75mm. x 90mm.

Output :
10 to 15 labels/cartons/pouches/min. manually.

Overall Dimensions in mm :
375 x 175 x 200

Weight :
@7.5  kg.

Extra Facilities :
Side & Back Stopper is provided for margin setting for large Labels/ Cartons/Pouches, Extension Platform support with side stopperis Provided.

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